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Adina fell to her knees, then flat on her face. Blood continued pouring out of her nose, and now it was also coming from the back of her head. Wolff heard the shot and rushed toward Kyle and Adina’s location. Kyle pulled his shirt up over his nose and mouth and maneuvered his way through the thick smoke. He just put a bullet in one of the leaders of The Association, and now it was time to go to war with the remaining members.

Wolff saw his leader down and immediately went into rescue mode. He held his breath as he sprinted through the orange smoke. He grabbed Adina up by her shirt collar and began dragging her away from the smoke. Adina was just dead weight as the thin man did his best to remove her from more danger. She appeared to be unconscious and in dire need of medical attention. Judging by their current predicament, this was medical attention that Wolff was not able to provide.

More shots rang out, but Wolff could not tell where they were coming from. Kyle shot blindly into the smoke, and shots were fired back at him. It sounded like a war zone. Wolff worked his trigger finger back and forth as rounds blasted out of his gun and through the smoke. Wolff finally cleared Adina from the smoke and watched as Kyle hopped in the unattended Chevy Silverado. The driver of the Chevy had exited the truck in an attempt to assist the rest of the group, but a precise headshot from Kyle put him down quickly. With Adina still in his grip, Wolff gripped his pistol with one hand and continued firing at Kyle.

The shots tore holes into the Chevy as it turned around and sped away. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!

The sound of the empty gun angered Wolff as he did his best to land some precise shots on the fleeing truck. The Chevy maneuvered to the left and right as it sped down the street, striking anything that got into its path. Although the Chevy maneuvers were sharp, Wolff’s aim had been sharper. The orange smoke continued spreading throughout the air. Wolff holstered his weapon and picked up Adina. His skinny frame was deceiving because he had the strength to throw her over his shoulder. Wolff made his way over to the remaining two vehicles that the group arrived in. Wolff noticed that the smoke was making its way toward the vehicles and did his best to pick up the pace.

As Wolff approached the Saturn Vue, a large shadowy figure emerged from the smoke. He stopped in his tracks and eyed up a mutated beast that was inching toward him. The beast was still actively mutating, as its teeth formed into fangs, and the hair thickened into fur. Once a member of The Association was now a blood thirsty mutation that had its red eyes on Wolff. The beast sized him up and continued inching.

Wolff held on tight to Adina. His hand grazed the top of his tucked gun. He almost forgot the gun was empty and considered pulling it out to defend himself. Instead, he reached over and pulled out a large hunting knife from a leg holster. With no ammo left in his firearm, Wolff had no other option but to take on the beast with another weapon. As fearless as Wolff was, it did not stop his heart from beating out of his chest. He was panting heavily as he watched the beast’s claws dig into the ground. He clenched the knife as the beast inched closer and closer toward him. This was literally going to be the fight of his life.


Shots rang out, striking the side of the beast, and a few went into the side of the Saturn. Two members of The Association continued firing at the beast. The beast turned its attention to the gunmen. The shots pierced through the beast, and it let out a loud roar. Another roar was let out, but it was not from the injured creature. A large figure lunged through the smoke and mauled one of the gunmen. The other gunman sprinted toward the vehicles, and the injured beast followed. With the beasts focused on the gunman, Wolff used this opportunity to get Adina to the Saturn.

“Help me,” the gunman yelled out to Wolff as he continued sprinting to the vehicles. Wolff was able to go unnoticed as he opened the backdoor and plopped Adina down on the backseat. He climbed over her and slid into the driver’s seat. More gunshots rang off.

“Stay with me, boss. I’m going to get you home.”

Wolff started the vehicle, when the front passenger door opened, and the gunman hopped in.

“Go, go, go!” he yelled.

The shots he let off finished the injured beast, but the second one was on the trail. The tires screeched as Wolff slammed his foot down on the accelerator. More shots rang off as the gunman leaned out the window and did his best to put the beast down. The beast continued its stride, hopping over parked cars and making itself a difficult target.

Wolff hit several turns but noticed that the beast was still in pursuit.

“Why is that thing still alive?” he asked the gunman.

“I can’t hit the damn thing,” he replied as he left off another shot that struck the side of a home. “Fuck, I’m out of ammo.”

Wolff hit another turn and checked his rear-view mirror again. The beast was gaining on their vehicle. We aren’t going to outrun that thing, he thought as he continued mashing on the gas pedal. The Saturn was already at its max speed. The steering wheel began shaking. The gunman climbed back into the vehicle. He opened the glove compartment, looking for ammo. He also checked under the seat.

The rear windshield of the Saturn shattered after the beast took a swipe at the back of the vehicle. Its claws ripped through the rear bumper on a second swipe. Wolff took a sharp left turn, hoping to shake the beast, to no avail.

“Here, take my gun. It’s loaded!” Wolf shouted, handing his gun over.

The gun man hung out of the window once more and pointed the weapon at the beast. CLICK! “What the fuck. This shit ain’t loaded.”

Wolff slammed on the brakes and pushed the gunman, causing him to fall out of the window. The beast immediately pounced on the man and sunk its teeth into his shoulder. The man screamed as the beast continued feasting on his flesh. He desperately swung the gun, striking the beast. With one bite, the beast ripped off the man’s arm. He let out another scream. Wolff checked the rearview mirror again, seeing the distance he was putting between himself and the beast. It was time to head back to The Association.

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